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Art, Paris and the pleasure of coming out


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My Story

I love Paris. My greatest pleasure (apart from shopping and Bertillon ice cream) is walking through the St. Germain district and inspecting its many art galleries.

My favourite memory is from a 2004 exhibition of graffiti art and found objects. The exhibition opened with a large piece reading (in French) – ‘It’s ART if I say it is!!!’ I took it as a sign and I returned to Australia, made my own sign and was ready to come out as an artist. It gave me the burst of confidence I needed to hold out my work as art without the crushing fear of what some critic might say. I’ll never win an art prize (although I live in hope), but I am proud to say my work is interesting and engaging – and now graces a few small collections.

My Early Work

My early work is featured in The Secrets Series. I see the layers of our lives and the layers contained in the world that surrounds us as secrets to be explored. I love colour and it features heavily in my work, but I also have developed a body of work that depends on black and white images for impact.

My Continuing Art Practice

Although my fleeting time at art school was discouraging, it did prompt me to be bolder about finding and owning my art practice. This has led to the development of the different series you see in this exhibition which, while following new ideas, still incorporates my secrets concept.

The Villages Series

This was triggered by a consulting assignment I was completing in a large office tower overlooking Redfern railway yards. Demolished buildings revealed a ‘skeleton’ of a village.

The Graffiti Series

This series was inspired by the impact of memorable graffiti I saw on overseas trips. It is continuing to develop a life of its own including words and images that have meaning and impact. Black and white keeps the viewer’s focus on the message or the image.

The Tributes Series

This series acknowledges the artists who have challenged me and inspired my work. They have prompted my continuing exploration of new ideas. I am grateful.


Classes at the Botanical Gardens inspired my basket making which has helped my arthritis considerably! It is also very satisfying late at night when there is no bright light for painting.

What’s Next?

I really have no idea but I am confident the ideas will come when I am ready for them. Watch this space!